Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. Leads the Way with Innovative Technology in Civil and Commercial Defense 

By applying advanced technology in our law practice, we can deliver superior services to our clients in a cost-effective manner. The speed and efficiency provided far surpass the manual tracking systems of the past – technology can store data and access high-level analyses of cases quickly and efficiently.

We can now analyze documents electronically, while attorneys attend to the more complicated tasks required in preparing for mediation or litigation. The fact-finding process is expedited by using digitally stored information for discovery, which improves accuracy and incorporates essential metadata.

Even massive volumes of information can be searched and reviewed
to find the most relevant data for a particular case. This increases our productivity and is indispensable in times of tight deadlines.

Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. incorporates innovative technology into our daily activities to streamline processes which can cause delay. Some of our applications include:

  • Dual factor authenticated workstations using state-of-the-art technology.
  • Secure mobile and digital systems allow our attorneys to transmit their dictation from any location, transcribing it even before they return to the office.
  • A hosted networked solution that allows our attorneys to work securely, wherever they are.
  • Case management software integrated with Microsoft Office Suite as a software platform for consistent communication with clients.
  • The most current spam and web-filtering software, firewalls, and virus protection are utilized across our network to secure all data integrity.
  • ADC Legal Systems’ Perfect Practice billing software is used to meet each client’s requirements and needs.

Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. is a Results-Driven Law Firm

Although every client is different, each of our defense cases follows a plan regardless of whether they will be seeking resolution through mediation or a trial. Our advanced technology allows us to expediently and efficiently prepare for and conduct initial case assessments, discovery, ADRs, trials and appeals. It allows for this information
to be easily reported and shared with our clients. Reporting and litigation “awareness” are core values of the Firm.

Our systems allow us to be prepared with precise and detailed discovery, reporting, and legal analysis, providing our clients with the best opportunity for a favorable outcome. They enable us to securely connect for out-of-state depositions or mediations, or to respond to an emergency motion the same day, in any location. Ancillary resources include expert witnesses that become part of our legal team, offering extensive and authoritative knowledge in their practice area.

Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. is continually upgrading its systems and searching for innovative ways to improve the quality of our legal work while staying cost-effective. In-house training and support are provided regularly to ensure that our staff is proficient in the firm’s information systems.

Since 1987, our depth of knowledge and resources have set us apart from the crowd. We have the leadership and experience to guide you through your legal challenges. Call for an appointment at our Maitland, Florida office at 407-423-9545, or contact us online.