General Liability and Insurance Defense

General liability and Insurance Defense is an expansive area of the law that encompasses diverse claims across many industries. Attorneys within this practice area represent insurance carriers, self-insured entities, and the insured, in defense of first and third-party liability insurance coverage claims. The role of an attorney includes analyzing and interpreting insurance coverage policies and investigating suspected insurance fraud within the framework of insurance laws and regulations.

Timely communication and counsel with the insured and insurer are critical to a successful General Liability and Insurance Defense. As such, the attorneys at Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. work in direct concert with all parties and become intimately familiar with each case’s details and documents. If there is one lesson in law we have learned in 30 years, lead attorneys must consult with clients in all matters. Attention to minute details and investigating each industry’s nuances has proven to be the cornerstones of our success in General Liability and Insurance Defense.

Aggressive, Cost-Effective Representation

Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. takes great pride in its reputation for excellence in defending their clients, including high-exposure cases. Our wealth of experience has given us a significant perspective in managing all resolution aspects, including mediation, arbitration, and litigation. We identify the critical issues of each claim to formulate a strategy to resolve disputes in our clients’ best interests. With a thorough approach, we prepare each claim as if it will go to trial.  We work diligently to reach a favorable outcome most efficiently and cost-effectively. Our record is a testament to our consistently excellent results.  Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. is also committed to keeping our clients informed of any recent law changes that may affect their industry or a pending claim. 

As legal advisers, attorneys from Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. have been featured speakers for various insurance organizations, including the Professional Insurance Agents (PIA) and the American Association of Managing General Agents. We serve on the national faculty of the Society of Certified Insurance Counselors and AAMGA University.

We invite you to call the law firm of Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. for questions or assistance with any General Liability and Insurance Defense matters at our Winter Park, Florida location. We provide strategic, insightful, and results-driven representation for clients throughout Florida and the nation.  Contact our office at 407-423-9545.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in all types of General Liability and Insurance Defense claims. Representative cases are as diverse as our clients’ needs and have included but are not limited to:

  • Agricultural accidents and injuries
  • Automobile dealer liability
  • Automobile, transportation, and trucking accidents and coverage disputes
  • First- and third-party coverage disputes
  • Premises liability claims for business owners and operators as well as residential claims
  • Products liability on behalf of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers
  • Surety bond claims