Government Representation

The term “government” encompasses a wide range of legal matters in cities, counties, states, and local municipalities. Government is the organized body in which community laws are administered and regulated. An attorney’s role in the representation of a government entity is to assist the agency in exercising its powers within the law. It includes helping them accomplish goals for the community and vigorously defending them in administrative proceedings, investigations, and litigation matters. The law firm of Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. has a diverse wealth of knowledge and experience in the intricacies of governmental law.

Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. has a Strong Presence in the Courtroom.

For more than three decades, the attorneys at Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. have counseled, represented, and litigated legal matters for municipalities such as school boards, law enforcement agencies, and other government entities. We are well versed in governmental law and understand the challenges that government agencies face daily.

 The practice area of government representation is among the broadest in our firm. As several of our attorneys possess criminal law and public defender backgrounds, our team has valuable insight into claims, including governmental liability and law enforcement practices. Under this umbrella, we represent government agencies and their employees in a variety of matters. A sampling of claims that we encounter include administrative hearings and litigation for civil rights allegations, premises liability, and personal injury. Additionally, we handle tort claims, employee relations, allegations of discrimination, police force, education malpractice, and professional misconduct. We are actively involved in government bidding and procurement, land zoning, eminent domain, and property tax disputes.

Our clients include municipal and governmental liability insurers, risk management funds, and self-insured organizations. We also represent governmental bodies for medical and healthcare issues arising out of clinics, correctional facilities, fire rescue, and other institutions. We handle disputes from claims in public areas such as parks, libraries, roadways, and community water systems. 

Our Goal is to protect our Clients through Experienced and Ethical Counsel.

Government agencies and municipalities are subject to liability claims daily. At Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A., we can help design and implement sound risk management and compliance programs to minimize your exposure. Establishing policies and procedures that respond to problems proactively can significantly reduce long-term costs. When disputes do take place, our team at Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. has the leadership skills and experience to protect our clients. Whatever legal issue may arise, our clients can feel confident that we have handled it before.  We maximize all available resources, using the most advanced, innovative technology available to the legal sector, giving our clients the best opportunity for the most favorable outcome.

Contact Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. for quality representation in government matters. Our office is located in Maitland, Florida. For any questions or to make an appointment with our attorneys, call us at 407-423-9545.

We are well qualified to represent state and local government in a variety of matters including but not limited to:

  • Automobile-related accidents and injuries
  • Construction site accidents
  • False arrest and imprisonment claims
  • Healthcare issues
  • Education law
  • Law enforcement and police practices
  • Municipal liability
  • Prison and institutional injury claims
  • 42 USC Section 1983 claims
  • Sovereign immunity challenges
  • Zoning and land-use regulation
  • Premises liability