Hospitality Risk Management

Over Three Decades of Experience in Risk Management and Liability Defense for the Hospitality Industry

As one of the most popular tourist destinations globally for domestic and international visitors, Central Florida is the hub of the hospitality industry.  Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. has been an integral part of the tourism industry’s growth in Central Florida, providing legal representation for countless venues.  We have built up a solid reputation as a superior and responsive risk management and hospitality litigation law practice.  

Our in-depth experience in all facets of civil and commercial defense litigation makes us uniquely suited to counsel and represent the various hospitality venues.  Our clients are business owners of restaurants, hotels, theme parks and resorts, convention centers, governmental venues, trade shows, museums, corporate travel, and banquet services. 

Our Goal is to Preserve your Reputation and Mitigate Damages

Our risk management team focuses on assisting our clients in identifying and circumventing liabilities with a sound risk management program. We work proactively with our clients to have the appropriate policies and procedures in place. We strive to comply with federal, state, and local government regulations, while our clients continue to meet consumer services expectations.  

Your Case is our Top Priority

At Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A., we understand the dynamics of the hospitality industry. We know there are enormous challenges and complex liability risks.  As experienced and skillful litigators, we build strong defenses against our clients’ adversaries and mitigate or resolve disputes, with a long record of accomplishments.  Risks include allegations of claims from investors, employees, government agencies, guests, and others.

Legal Risks Associated with the Hospitality Industry

Modern technology has inherent cybersecurity risks, which can jeopardize a company’s reputation and success. Natural disasters such as the COVID-19 pandemic create environmental hazards with the closure and re-opening of amusement parks and other venues.  Local, state and federal agencies carefully monitor safety compliance for returning employees and guests.  

Additional legal risks in the hospitality industry are claims due to unpredictable weather, compliance issues related to the Americans with Disabilities Act, and allegations of discrimination and harassment.  Our attorneys are well-versed in defending these and other claims. Food safety issues, labor and wage claims, rental car liability, product liability, third-party claims, and the ever-present slip and falls are disputes that the hospitality industry faces. 

Additionally, our Legal Services include Counsel and Representation in the Hospitality Industry, resulting from:

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Aviation Law and Personal Injury
  • Franchiser and Franchisee Liability
  • Golf Course Owner and Operator Liability
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes
  • Premises Liability Defense
  • Purchase, Sale, and Leasing Agreements
  • Theme and Amusement Park Liability
  • Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Intellectual Property Matters

Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. is Accessible and Responsive to our Clients’ Needs

Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. is a multi-service law firm. We offer aggressive, cost-efficient, and compassionate advocacy for our clients and handle a vast array of insurance claim disputes. Our law firm has unlimited resources, including expert witnesses and investigators.  We utilize sophisticated technology to formulate defense strategies to protect our clients’ rights in state, federal, or courts of appeal. The attorneys at Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. represent clients throughout Florida and across the nation. Our attorneys offer presentations and seminars about important legal topics for tourism-related industry groups, such as the Central Florida Hotel and Motel Association and the National Golf Course Owners’ Association.

Contact Telan, Meltz, Wallace & Eide, P.A. for any questions regarding our legal services or schedule an appointment at our Maitland, Florida office.  Call us at 407-423-9545.